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February 23, 2010

Formula support is coming to spreadsheet, we just do not know when

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Obviously Formula support is the single most wanted feature for Ruby-Spreadsheet. This will come, we just do not know when. In the meantime we fixed two bugs:

  • Add missing Font-encoding
  • Properly encode fragment mark in URLs

check it out at:;a=summary


February 8, 2010

Exported Formulas displaying #name? and #REF? when opened in Excel

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The Ruby Spreadsheet Gem is not acting as expected with the formula of cell A2 in: When copying this formula into another spreadsheet (and writing that spreadsheet to disk using the ruby Spreadsheet API), the resultant spreadsheet (test_output.xls) shows ‘#REF!’ in mac excel and ‘#NAME?’ in openoffice for cell A2 instead of ‘365’ How can this script be modified so that the resultant spreadsheet ‘test_output.xls’ has ‘365’ visible in cell A2 when opened in a spreadsheet program (eg. excel, open office)?? To test this behavior, copy this script into a file called ‘spreadsheet_spec.rb’ & run: > spec spreadsheet_spec.rb

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