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March 4, 2009

Not-For-Profit Licence for Ruby-Spreadsheet

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Today we received an Email from AtomicObject regarding a free NON-GPLv3 licence for their Non-For-Profit Project SMEToolkit – that code is not OpenSource other code from AtomicObject obviously is OSS. After our first reaction of a flat denial to do so, we had some internal discussions and would be willing to provide AtomicObject with a licence for SMEToolkit under the following circumstances (and maybe more to come):

1. Where will we be credited for our work? Where in the Website and where in the source code? The term to mention would be “ywesee – the Ruby Spreadsheet” that of course would have to be linked i.e. to some new Blog entry on this Blog. Maybe even with this entry.

2. Where, in which countries, and on how many servers do you and will you run

3. What are the reasons why can not be licensed under GPLv3? We would like to state those reasons in the free license.

4. We could only grant our licence for this specific project. Other projects and clients of AtomicObject would not be allowed to use Ruby Spreadsheet under the possibly given licence.

5. We are willing to do this because we want you to see how easy it is to print a spreadsheet with our Software and of course because we want to sell additional licences to you 😉 for your other NON GPLv3 clients.

Lets see how this turns out.


February 13, 2009 Ruby Spreadsheet released

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*   Reduce warnings produced by running under ruby -w
*   Improved auto-formatting for Dates and Times
*   Honor Row, Column, Worksheet and Workbook-formats
*   Merge branch ‘master’ into HEAD
*   Only select the First Worksheet by default;a=summary

January 15, 2009

Spreadsheet 0.6.3 released

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0.6.3 / 2009-01-14

* 1 Bugfix

* Fixes the issue reported by Corey Martella in as well as other issues engendered by the decision to always shorten Rows to the last non-nil value.

* 2 minor enhancements

* Added bin/xlsopcodes, a tool for examining Excel files

* Documents created by Spreadsheet can now be Printed in Excel and Excel-Viewer. This issue was reported by Spencer Turner in / 2008-12-18

* 1 Bugfix

* Using Spreadsheet together with ‘jcode’ could lead to broken Excel-Files Thanks to Eugene Mikhailov for tracking this one down in:

December 12, 2008

14 Bug Fixes to Ruby Spreadsheet

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* 14 Bugfixes;a=blame;f=History.txt;hb=6ba3b8c5c3d13f0b84df74cca616777e26ecd37e

* Fixed a bug where #<boolean>! methods did not trigger a call to #row_updated
* Corrected the Row-Format in both Reader and Writer (was Biff5 for some reason)
* Populates Row-instances with @default_format, @height, @outline_level and @hidden attributes
* Fixed a Bug where Workbooks deriving from a Template-Workbook without SST could not be saved Reported in
* Improved handling of Numeric Values (writes a RK-Entry for a Float only if it can be encoded with 4 leading zeroes, and a Number-Entry for an Integer only if it cannot be encoded as an RK)
* Fixes a bug where changes to a Row were ignored if they were outside of an existing Row-Block.
* Fixes a bug where MULRK-Entries sometimes only contained a single RK
* Fixes a bug where formatting was ignored if it was applied to empty Rows Reported by Zomba Lumix in
* Fixes a bug where modifying a Row in a loaded Workbook could lead to Rows with smaller indices being set to nil. Reported by Ivan Samsonov in
* Deals with rounding-problems when calculating Time Reported by Bughunter extraordinaire Bjørn Hjelle
* Correct splitting of wide characters in SST, Reported by Michel Ziegler and by Eugene Mikhailov in
* Fix an off-by-one error in write_mulrk that caused Excel to complain that ‘Data may be lost’, reported by Emma in and by Chris Lowis in
* Read formats correctly in read_mulrk, Reported by Ivan Samsonov, Fixes that part of which is a bug. Does nothing for the disappearance of Rich-Text, formatting, which will not be addressed until 0.7.0
* Fixes a (benign?) bug, where adding text to a template-file resulted in a duplicate extsst-record.
* 2 minor enhancements
* Improved recognition of Time-Formats
* Improvement to Robustness: allow, Takes care of, Reported by David Chamberlain

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