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December 12, 2008

14 Bug Fixes to Ruby Spreadsheet

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* 14 Bugfixes;a=blame;f=History.txt;hb=6ba3b8c5c3d13f0b84df74cca616777e26ecd37e

* Fixed a bug where #<boolean>! methods did not trigger a call to #row_updated
* Corrected the Row-Format in both Reader and Writer (was Biff5 for some reason)
* Populates Row-instances with @default_format, @height, @outline_level and @hidden attributes
* Fixed a Bug where Workbooks deriving from a Template-Workbook without SST could not be saved Reported in
* Improved handling of Numeric Values (writes a RK-Entry for a Float only if it can be encoded with 4 leading zeroes, and a Number-Entry for an Integer only if it cannot be encoded as an RK)
* Fixes a bug where changes to a Row were ignored if they were outside of an existing Row-Block.
* Fixes a bug where MULRK-Entries sometimes only contained a single RK
* Fixes a bug where formatting was ignored if it was applied to empty Rows Reported by Zomba Lumix in
* Fixes a bug where modifying a Row in a loaded Workbook could lead to Rows with smaller indices being set to nil. Reported by Ivan Samsonov in
* Deals with rounding-problems when calculating Time Reported by Bughunter extraordinaire Bjørn Hjelle
* Correct splitting of wide characters in SST, Reported by Michel Ziegler and by Eugene Mikhailov in
* Fix an off-by-one error in write_mulrk that caused Excel to complain that ‘Data may be lost’, reported by Emma in and by Chris Lowis in
* Read formats correctly in read_mulrk, Reported by Ivan Samsonov, Fixes that part of which is a bug. Does nothing for the disappearance of Rich-Text, formatting, which will not be addressed until 0.7.0
* Fixes a (benign?) bug, where adding text to a template-file resulted in a duplicate extsst-record.
* 2 minor enhancements
* Improved recognition of Time-Formats
* Improvement to Robustness: allow, Takes care of, Reported by David Chamberlain


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