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January 9, 2009

Cell all the cells of a column except the first

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Happy New Year to all of you!

We are working on the next version of Spreadsheet and squashing some bugs in the mean time. This Bug-Report comes from Corey Martella

This seems to be a Symptom of the underlying problem.

We anticipated the decision that fields that the client set to ‘nil’ (nothing) would completely be deleted from the spreadsheet. But it turns out that like that some formatting is being lost. When thinking about it, we noticed that this behavior could also be inconvenient for other cases, i.e. when a row is completed in two separate steps but after the first step ‘nil’-values still would exist at the end of the data.  Then the following fields would all be moved to the left.

Basically the goal still is to filter out empty and unformatted cells; but this has to happen later, when the file is being written.

The problem has been solved here:;a=commit;h=52755ad76fdda151564b689107ca2fbb80af3b78

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